THE A LIST: 35 Dance Floor Songs That Work Every Time

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(At the time we're writing this, the COVID 19 pandemic in the US has changed life for the time being. Larger gatherings in our part of the country are on hold at the moment, so we've taken this time to reflect on dance-floors-past as we look forward to dance-floors-future.)

A live DJ is always trying to read the room. Figuring out which songs work and which songs don't is a strange art form made up of taking small risks that help guide you in the right direction. Since we started 4 years ago, we've officially surpassed 250 weddings as a duo. And over that time, we've learned a lot about the songs that work. So, we created what we call "THE A LIST". These are songs that seem to work every time we play them. Songs that get people excited or ignite something in them that wasn't there before. And we are going to share 35 of them with you.

When we put the songs in chronological order, it forced us to ask questions like “Why is...

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